How does the in-game parts inventory work?

The in-game inventory will be able to hold up to 360 items including: weapon parts, equipment, crates, and lockboxes. If your inventory ever becomes full, you can use low level parts to make the parts you want to keep stronger; this process is called Fusion. Also, you have the option to delete any item in your inventory. Deleted items are NOT recoverable, so be careful using this option.

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    I still don't understand it

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    My weapon is a tesla pulse but it shoots slug pulse? This happened after i fused tesla

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    I have spent a lot of blutes and spacebucks buying weapon parts and they keep on disappearing after a match, how can i fix this? i am not able to build any weapon at all cuz of this problem

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    They dont respond its useless , I created a support ticket dec 13th 2015 still no response. Creators and support for this game are worthless

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    this is also happening to me , I am discouraged to continue playing.

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